Every day items can help you survive an emergency

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- When disaster strikes, preparation is key. No one knows that better than survivalists. They live by the mentality of "just in case" and are experts in resourcefulness, but the ones we found in Montgomery County say sometimes the things you need to get by are already in your house.

People started seeing the news days ahead of time that a tropical storm might be coming, and that was when many started putting together supplies.

For 36 years, Guy Yancey was a banker. Now Yancey, his son Scott and wife Diane run a family business with one motto.

"The difference between a survivor and a statistic is preparation."

The "Survivalist Emporium" sells firearms and military surplus, but right now It's mostly selling out of emergency supplies.
Still on the shelves, you could find water purification systems and first aid supplies.

Of the water purification system, Yancy explained, "You can put it in a mud puddle, suck on it like a straw, you get fresh clean water."

But Yancey said, "A lot of the stuff you need's already at home."

For example, a can of tuna packed in oil can become a candle by taking a pair of scissors to punch a hole in the top of the can, and threading in a lightly twisted piece of paper towel to act as a wick. Lit, Yancey says it can last about two hours.

"When you're through with it, used up all the vegetable oil, you can open up the can and eat it," he added.

Next, with a bottle of water and a head light, Yancey makes a lantern.

"It's going to give you, instead of a direct spot like a flashlight would, this is going to diffuse the light around."

Mostly Yancey says just think creatively. For example, cotton balls make a good fire starter. Grab a pocket knife and a magnesium rod, and you can start a fire to cook with or to keep you warm.

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