COOL SPACES: Eat green at Liberty Kitchen at The Treehouse

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Named for the building in which it's located, Liberty Kitchen at The Treehouse is visually breathtaking from the moment you park your car.

Reclaimed materials envelop the space from floor to soaring ceiling, making it the most sustainable building in Texas and the second in the entire United States.

The mastermind behind this cleverly designed, double-height space is owner and designer Carl Eaves.

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"I was thrilled to have the opportunity to design a restaurant at The Treehouse," says Eaves. "I had the opportunity to live out everyone's fantasy of having an actual treehouse."

There's an old versus new theme to the space, with some walls built with reclaimed pine from a cotton factory -- and other walls with modern artwork from local artists.

Liberty Kitchen fans will recognize the signature interior design elements in all their restaurants, like chandeliers, Kelly green stools and thrift store artwork.

"You know when you walk into a Liberty Kitchen that you are in one because of the design," says Carl. "But at the same time, the themes are all very unique because we incorporate the neighborhood into each restaurant."

Liberty Kitchen at The Treehouse is the fifth restaurant under the Liberty Kitchen brand.

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