Dumped boat part of bigger litter problem on E. Houston road

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Completely uncivilized is how one man is describing the illegal street dumping he says is happening near his office building.

The problem has gotten so bad, that residents and people who work in the area of Maxine Street and Industrial Drive, just off the East Loop, have to drive around an abandoned boat that was dumped in the street.

"The first thing that goes through my head is, 'how is it possible that there are people who would do this?'" said Jurgen Schroder.

Old mattresses, piles of tires, a toilet, broken cabinets and even an old boat all line the sides of this street as employees at a nearby office building say they do their best to dodge the debris.

"Yeah, the boat is something new, I must admit it. It used to be just refrigerators and couches and furniture, but the boat has been a couple of weeks," said Schroder

A couple of women back up Schroder's assessment of the road, liking it to a game of "What will I see next?"

"There were little puppies and it was raining, but they were there. Somebody put those out too," said Deborah Clark-Peterson.

"And our tax money is being spent to clean it up on a regular basis and it's just repeated over and over again," said Bobbie Campise.

After they reached out to ABC13 about the problem we made some calls, and crews with the City of Houston responded.

They hauled away one man's trash that most can agree will never ever be treasures.

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