Dentist provides free dental care to local veteran

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Air Force veteran David Harmon recalled his first visit to the dentist at Dr. David Nguyen's office.

"When Dave sees me, I've got all these cracked teeth and infected gums," he said.

The cost of treatment was more than Harmon imagined, so he didn't think he could pay for it himself.

"I asked them if they could give me the paperwork so they could send it to the VA, and Dave overheard that and charged in and said forget it, don't charge him, don't charge him anything," Harmon said.

It's not a common reaction, but then again, Dr. Nguyen doesn't seem like a common guy.

"I grew up in a very caring family. All my brothers and sisters are doctors and from the start we were meant to care for people," he said.

In another fortunate twist to Harmon's story, two more Nguyen family members are now helping him. He's headed to New York to meet with David's siblings, Doctors Nancy and Michael Nguyen.

"When I talked to him he said he also had low back pain, knee pain, night pain," said Michael Nguyen.

He will help Harmon with pain management, and Nancy will address his teeth-grinding.

"We forget sometimes that freedom really isn't free. With the veterans sacrificing everything that they do for us, we want to be able to do what we love to do here, and be free," he said.

They believe this is the least they can do to help him.

"If you do good for someone, that person will do good for other people and it will just keep going," said David.

Harmon still can't believe all the Nguyen family is doing for him, and says it's going to be an extra special Thanksgiving.

"There's not a single moment that goes by that I don't thank my Heavenly Father for the blessing of having David in my life."

For veterans who need help with pain, Dr. Michael Nguyen with Vein and Pain Institute located in New York, signup form is available here.

For veterans who need help with dental related issues, Dr. David Nguyen with URBN Dental located in Houston, Tx signup form is located here.

For veterans in New York City who need help with dental-related issues, please contact: Dr. Nancy Nguyen at Studio Smiles NYC, in Manhattan.

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