Deaf woman claims KFC worker mocked her at drive-thru

BYRAM, Mississippi -- A deaf woman claims a KFC drive-thru employee mocked her at the window when she was trying to order with her husband, and she wants something done about it.

Bobbie Cole is deaf and says she was humiliated when she tried to order at the drive-thru at a KFC.

The 59-year-old was with her husband when she says a female employee at the window would not help her communicate her order.

"She put her hands on her mouth. I said, 'Ma'am, sorry I can't hear. I need to read your lips. Could you please move it?' She keeps standing there," Cole said to WLBT-TV.

Cole says she ordered again and to her horror, the young lady walked away and began laughing with another male employee.

"They were both laughing...and I yelled. I said, 'Hey, hey.' Then, they turned around. They said 'huh?' I said, 'Are you making fun of us?' 'No, ma'am,'" said Cole.

Cole's daughter, Donna Curtis, went live on Facebook about her mother's experience. She is outraged and says her mother and stepfather were treated unfairly. She has received 52,000 views.

Cole is asking for KFC employees to undergo sensitivity training to make sure this does not happen again.

KFC issued a statement about the incident saying the store owner investigated and concluded the worker was not intentionally mocking Cole or her husband. The company says it does not tolerate bias or discrimination.