Data shows Houstonians moving around less compared to other regions

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Nationwide stay-at-home orders are expected to last throughout the end of April as health officials predict a steady increase in COVID-19 cases.

As Houston residents have begun to adhere to the CDC's recommendations, Descartes Lab conducted a study comparing different regions and how they're dealing with social distancing.

The study used residents cell phones to measure if and how far a person traveled away from their home. The results showed many Houston-area residents complying with the order, doing even less public activities than the previous week.

On March 9th, Harris County residents ventured about 5.4 miles from home. Movement then reduced on March 23rd with residents traveling about 1.9 miles away from their homes. On March 30, data suggest outside travel decreased only about 0.6 miles.

In Galveston County on March 9th, people traveled about 6 miles from home. Four weeks later, that number reduced to 1.2 miles.

Fort Bend and Montgomery County neighbors traveled 3.9 and 6 miles from home on March 16. By March 30, Fort Bend residents drastically hit a low travel rate, venturing out only .2 miles, and Montgomery County residents at about 1.6 miles away from home.

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