Couple's long lost love letters found in attic

LUBBOCK, TX (KTRK) -- A couple in Lubbock found a box full of love letters in their attic recently.

Hundreds and hundreds of old love letters dated all the way back to 1942 were tucked away in their home.

As it turns out, Navy Chief Petty Officer Dale Simpson was writing to his sweetheart Miss Virginia Sims while he was away at war. He kept their love alive by writing all of those love letters.

Eventually the two got married, as noted in the letters.

The current homeowners say they were curious and wanted to know who these people were. So they ended up finding the couple's daughters online.

Homeowner Jessica Green said, "We found out that both of them are passed away. She said, 'That is so funny because our parents were very quiet private people."

The homeowners say they plan to pass those letters along to the Simpsons' daughters.
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