EXCLUSIVE: Couple caught in 'magical' engagement photo found

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- A photographer caught a mystery couple in one of the most intimate moments one has in their lifetime -- a wedding proposal.

The photographer never got their names.

When doing a love story, it always helps to have a soundtrack, so for this story, we went to the original source. "He said play something romantic," said violinist-for-hire Stephen Moore.

Moore chose Bach's "Arioso." Those were sweet notes that echoed through the dome of San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts one afternoon.

Photographer Angie Wilson happened to be there that day and followed the sound, snapping pictures along the way of a couple heading the same direction.

"They were under the middle of the dome, right there when I saw them," Wilson told ABC7.

Jonathan Kland and Allison Squires appear during their engagement in San Francisco.

Angie Wilson

So imagine Angie's surprise when the man dropped to a knee. The woman broke into tears, and he proposed. They only had eyes for each other.

It was a very private moment. "I took several pictures and walked away," Wilson said.

Wilson never got the couple's name, and then Valentine's Day approached. "And then I contacted the couple through emails and everything happened," Wilson said.

Enter Jonathan Kland of Salt Lake City and Allison Squires -- now husband and wife, with a blended family of eight kids. The response took four days.

"She said, 'OMG, how fantastic,'" Wilson told ABC7 News.

Now the Kland couple awaits a big print coming in the mail. Some would call it a random act of kindness by woman with a camera that happened to be in the right place at the right time with a big heart.

"In this instance, I had to give it to them because they made the magic happen," Wilson said.

"It is the beginning moment of our life together," Squires added.

It's also artistic proof that no good deed should ever go un-photographed.

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