College dropout in New York still living in dorm 2 years later

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Lisa Palmer is accused of illegally squatting in her old dorm room at Hunter College two years after dropping out. (KTRK)

Lisa Palmer might one day re-register for courses at Hunter College, but until then, she doesn't have plans to vacate her dorm.

The former geography major is the center of a lawsuit claiming she has racked up $94,000 in unpaid residence hall charges after refusing to move out, WCBS-TV reports.

Palmer dropped out two years ago after she claims the school forced her out of classes a semester before graduating when she couldn't pay her bills.

Hunter College alleges they've sent numerous vacate notices to Palmer, all of which have been disregarded.

The school says she's illegally squatting on the property, and are seeking help evicting her by a sheriff or city marshal.

"I feel like every semester is another opportunity to register for courses," Palmer said. "I think I should just stay and fight the case."

Palmer says she is working two jobs right now. She said she wants to eventually finish her degree at the school, but disputes she owes $94,000 to the college.

"I don't think paying it off is realistic and I also don't believe that I should have to pay it off," Palmer said.
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