Collector offers advice on Super Bowl memorabilia

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- When Superbowl 51 is over there will be many who want to hold onto the memories made before, during and after the game.

But not all keepsakes are created equal.

"You don't have to break the bank to have a neat collectible that actually later on is pretty rare," said Todd Nelkin of HLT & T Sports.

He has an impressive collection of items, including a program from the first ever Superbowl in Houston and Superbowl VIII, which was played at Rice Stadium in 1974.

One of Nelkin's prized possessions is two seats from the Orange Bowl in Miami where Superbowl's 2,3,5, 10 & 13 were played.

He's got a ticket from the very first Superbowl ever. The face value? $10.

Nelkin has no idea how much it might now be worth. If you're going to the game he suggests the tickets always make a nice collectible.

He says the programs used to be valuable because they were sold only at the stadium the day of the game. That changed after Superbowl 13 when the NFL started producing and selling them in greater quantities and at many more locations.

Nelkin likes the Superbowl jerseys, too. Each of the jerseys were designed for the individual Superbowl and made in limited quantities. It's the actual jerseys of players, particularly the quarterbacks, which are going to fetch the greatest price tags.

He cautions that collecting shouldn't be done for the money. He says you've got to be a fan and do it because you love it.

"Collect what connects to you - personally. That's what matters most," added Nelkin. null
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