Clear Lake volunteer group 'MomKind' looking to help local families

When you're cooped up at home, it helps to have a community that keeps you laughing, even if it is a virtual community.

"Really, even under the best of circumstances, it can be really isolating to be home with kids," explained mother Maite Sample.

Sample and her three kids are part of a group called MomKind.

It's a group of families in the Clear Lake area who got together after Hurricane Harvey to volunteer and spread kindness.

Today, families are making "Thank You" cards they'll later drop off at porches at mailboxes.

"It's kind of a work in progress," Sample explained. "We're thinking about it as we go."

The group is now looking to help out even more.

Volunteers are raising money to give to other families in need.

The goal is to give three families $100/week for eight weeks.

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