City of Houston crews repair huge pothole in elderly woman's driveway

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An Acres Homes grandmother concerned about a pothole in her driveway turned to Eyewitness News for help.

Alisa Crier first noticed the pothole at the end of December and she says she began to call the city a few days later.

She was worried about her grandchildren as it continued to grow.

"My grandchildren get on the bus right here and they get off and they have to come through here, you know?" said Crier. "Kids do things and sometimes we don't see them. What if one falls in there or something?"

She says Houston Public Works stopped by her house several times but didn't do anything to fix the hole.

"They're saying this is not on the city property. This is not their problem," said Crier.

After calling the city for weeks, she called ABC13.

The next day, crews were out to fill up the hole.

"I thank the mayor, I thank Public Works, and I thank you guys for coming out being concerned, showing that they do care about the people of Houston," said Crier.

A Public Works spokesperson sent us the following statement:

"Houston Public Works continued to do our due diligence on the 311 Service Request. We determined the damage could be related to City of Houston Water lines in the area. Our Transportation and Drainage Operations team is backfilling the hole in the area."

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