Brothers bike across the U.S. for 2 charities

Saturday, July 8, 2017

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Pictures of their journey read like a travel book of the United States. The three brothers are a long way from Texas right now as they talked with ABC13 via Skype from a Pennsylvania hotel.

"It's just been cold. I know it's hot in Texas but up in this area I think today was in the 60s. We're shivering," Raleigh Jenkins of Houston said.

But they are so close to finishing their goal. 3,500 miles across the northern part of the country from Seattle to New York with their mission worn on their sleeves.

"This whole bike ride is more about the why than the destination or adventure," said Raleigh.

Dennis, Raleigh and Bobby Jenkins all own ABC Home and Commercial Services Businesses in Texas. Dennis in Dallas, Raleigh in Houston and Bobby in Austin.

Just like their bike path, they say their lives have taken unexpected twists and turns so it's two causes that are behind every push of the pedal.

"This ride has been about parents who lost children and children who have lost parents," said Raleigh.

"A Child's Hope" helps a growing orphanage in Haiti and "The Moss Pierat Foundation" is named for Bobby's grandson, who died suddenly at the age of 15, with no answers as to why.

"I think of Moss every pedal that I make and today was a great day from that standpoint," said Bobby.

It's not just about the money they are raising but the families they meet along the way.

"It is about those parents and those children who have lost each other and that keeps us motivated each and every day," said Dennis.

And while this cross country bond of brotherhood is about to finish, it's far from the end of the ride.

"We still have a lot of work to do... from an awareness standpoint and from (a) raising funds standpoint," said Bobby.

For more information about the bother ride across the country, you can visit their website.

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