Boy gets Christmas wish with his super heroes

BAYTOWN, TX (KTRK) -- Amid rising tensions between police officers and the people they pledge to protect is a local story that will warm your heart and it all started with a Christmas wish.

Christopher Cole, 9, of Baytown wished he could play basketball with police officers. That wish was posted on his mother's Facebook page and on Christmas morning three of Baytown's finest showed up to play a pick-up game in his driveway. Even before this happened Christopher said he's always thought of police officers as heroes.

"We do not hear that very often," said Officer Michael Shafer with the Baytown Police Department. "So it's very nice to hear that from, especially from somebody that's 9 years old, that we're his superheroes. It's definitely my privilege to be his superhero and to be able to provide something like that to him."

"That was one of the better Christmases," Christopher said.

"They didn't have to come out and play with him, and it was very sweet of them to do that," said Christopher's mother Catie Miller.

Christopher said playing with the officers was even better than playing video games.
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