Boy dies after hero officer attempted to save him from drowning

ROMAN FOREST, Texas (KTRK) -- The 4-year-old boy rescued by a Texas police officer from a swimming pool has died from his injuries, authorities report.

Anthony "Peety" Contreras was rushed to the hospital after he was found in a backyard pool in Roman Forest.

Authorities said he was in the hospital for several days fighting for his life, but sadly passed away.

Officer James Parker told ABC13 he was on routine patrol at a city park when a frantic call for help came in over dispatch.

A family in the neighboring city of Woodbranch off Dogwood Trail said their little boy wandered into their above-ground pool. The preschooler appeared lifeless.

Officer Parker was first to arrive at the scene.

"He was naked, lying on the ground. His lips were still pink. I noticed vomit and water coming from the child's mouth and nose. I picked the child up. I tilted him down. I tried to get some water out of his lungs," said Parker. "I started CPR. About a minute into CPR, paramedics showed up. We worked for about 20 minutes back and forth. We finally got a faint pulse. The child started taking short breaths."

Family members say Peety saved two lives. His heart was donated to a little boy on the transplant list, and another child received his liver.
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