Baby born in Chipotle parking lot gets unique baby shower

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Couple has burrito-themed baby shower after giving birth at Chipotle (KTRK)

A Colorado couple delivered their baby at the same place they met... Chipotle!

Adrianna Alvarez and Saul Flores met while working at the same Chipotle in Denver.

In April, Alvarez was in labor with their fourth child. The couple was driving to the hospital, but could not make it in time.

"We were actually driving down this road to go to the hospital...and we were getting really close to the street and I told him, 'We're not going to make it. I feel like the baby is coming,'" said Alvarez.

They pulled over to a Chipotle parking lot, called 911 and delivered their baby boy, Jaden.

Chipotle threw the couple a burrito-themed baby shower on Sunday. They even gave baby Jaden a swaddle blanket that looks like a tortilla.
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