Arian Foster thinks he can go against a wolf

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Former Houston Texans running back is puzzling a lot of people these days, to say the least.

Most of us are familiar with his eccentric behavior. He's been pretty open about his beliefs, and he's known to share some strange tweets. But his most recent Twitter rant is just bizarre.

We know that Foster might have a little more time on his hands now that he's retired, but Foster appears to believe that he can take on a wolf, one-on-one.

"I honestly think I can get a wolf 1 on 1 tho," Foster tweeted Sunday.

He seems pretty adamant about his chances with a wolf, especially since wolves have no thumbs.

"I've studied the wolf. He can't read. I know his weaknesses. Plus, the thumb thing," he wrote.

The tweets go on and on, and he even replies to people.

"He will claw an artery open or claw your face off. Then you go to grab your arm and he chews your face off. Lose/Lose," one Twitter user wrote to him.

We think that the appropriate reaction here is, ?!?!?!? We don't know why Foster has been contemplating going against a wolf. Has he gone mad? It's a joke, right?

It has definitely made for some entertaining conversation on Twitter.

So the big question we'd like to ask is, who do you think will win between Foster and a wolf?

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