Alvin family finds note sent to Mommy in heaven

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman in Alvin believes she was sent a message from up above after discovering a handwritten note in her driveway from a mystery little girl trying to connect with a loved one up in heaven.

Chelsea Rogers' mother found a note attached to two red balloons that said, "Dear Mommy, Hi. It's me, your daughter. I miss you and hope you're happy in heaven. I'm going to sixth grade now. I truly hope this note finds you."

Rogers believes the message was meant to find her. "She brought it in the house and was showing it to me and my husband, and it hit in a way that, my husband and my mom don't know how it hit because I lost my dad seven years ago. And still to this day I send notes to heaven."

The note also had a request: "Whoever finds this note, put it in a balloon and release it to heaven. Love, Shakira."

Rogers honored her request and attached the note to a balloon.

"I just want to let Shakira know that we are here, and I love this little girl. I don't even know this little girl, but I love her," said Rogers.

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