Age isn't stopping 96-year-old pilot from flying

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Jack Dershaw has been running through checks like this for more than 70 years. He learned to fly in what was then the U.S. Army Air Corps, graduating with his wings in 1943.

"I've counted it up and I think I've flown a total of 10 planes in the service," Dershaw said.

After World War II ended, he went on to fly in the Air Force Reserves. It took him all around the world.

"People say how come you're still flying? Well it keeps me young," he said.

It's working. Incredibly, Dershaw just turned 96. He buried his wife several years ago, but he's never lost his first love.

"I feel content and happy that I'm still able to do this," Dershaw said. "I feel a sense of appreciation and gratitude, you know. God's been good to me. I can still function."

Jay Robinson is 70 years younger than Dershaw. Robinson says Dershaw inspires everyone he knows.

"I learn something every time I fly with Jack," Robinson said. "Jack shows us that no matter how old you get, if you keep at it, the dreams don't have to age with you."

Dershaw flies with a partner now, but he has no plans to stop.

"My daughter says, dad, you got to live to be a hundred and then we'll really throw you a party. So that's something to shoot for, isn't it?" Dershaw said. null
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