After prison, building a new life with faith and help

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One man is showing how it has helped completely turn his life around by giving him hope after prison (KTRK)

Today he's part of the Gallery Furniture team and stands in a huddle at an employee meeting. But before ever selling a piece of furniture, Michael Oliver had to try to sell himself, to an employer.

"Getting out of prison, having to filling in my background, there was no way I could get a job because I'm this bad person," says Oliver.

After spending time in prison he says he wanted to turn his life around, especially for his wife and children.

"I was really hopeless, broken, didn't have a clue how to do an interview," he said.

But that was before he got connected to the WorkFaith Connection. A faith-based, non-profit job readiness program that helps those in transition from convicted felons to reformed addicts, or even a stay-at-home mom trying to go back to work.

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale of Gallery Furniture hired Oliver.

"He wrote me this incredible text the other day that said his four children for the first time in a long time can look up to him again and that's worth more money that I'll ever make when people say that," says Mack.

He adds it's amazing to see what can happen with someone like Michael adding, "They need somebody to say you're a good person and you're worthwhile and we value your input."

Michael says he loves working with the customers.

"It's a great learning environment. I learn every day from Mack," says Oliver. But Oliver can also teach a few lessons of his own on the showroom floor. "Just have faith, don't give up," he says.

Anyone interested in finding out more about The WorkFaith Connection can go to or call 713-984-9611.
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