First grader campaigns for softer toilet paper at school

ST. LOUIS, Missouri -- First grader Penny Hoffman is not impressed with her school's choice of tough, scratchy, sub-par toilet paper, so she rolled out a campaign for softer, fluffier, more acceptable TP for the entire student body.

She brought a sample home and tried to get to the bottom of why it didn't stack up to the comfortable toilet tissue she was used to.

"Penny had a theory about the toilet paper, saying she thought it was worse than jail," said Penny's mom, Lynn.

So Penny gathered samples from institutions all over St. Louis, including the police department, to flush out her point.

Then, she made a full poster board presentation and took it straight to the school principal.

Part of her presentation asked: "Is school toilet paper better than jail's?" The end result?

"It's the same and I can't believe I use this," said Penny.

And while she's stuck with the same scratchy TP, she's getting high praise for her grassroots campaign.

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