12-year-old girls on a mission to clean up Houston's bayous

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Two young girls looking to clean up Houston's bayous. (KTRK)

While they're convenient, most of the time we don't even think about them once they're thrown in the trash. However, plastic grocery store bags do end up in the bayous.

At only 12 years old, both Caoilin Krathaus and Lila Mankad are looking to change that.

"We always come down here for Girl Scouts to clean up the park," Caoilin said.

But no matter how often they clean, the bags along with other debris eventually return.

"Plastic bags harm our wildlife, clog our waters and make our city ugly," Lila said.

So, they took their initiative to the next level by starting a petition to ban single use plastic bags in the city of Houston.

"A bag ordinance puts a restriction on using bags in grocery stores, or stores might put a fee on them. What it is encouraging is bring your own bags to the grocery store," Caoilin's father, Alan Krathaus told us.

The idea is simple, but getting it approved is a tougher fight.

"So the Supreme Court is going to make a ruling on whether or not cities in Texas can have ordinances," Krathaus said.

They are expected to reach a decision in June.

While there's a strong chance it may not pass this time around, the girls say they won't stop fighting for something they believe in.

"Just because we're kids, doesn't mean that we can't make a difference," Caoilin said.

"Because kids are the future. Kids are going to change the world," Lila explained.

Both girls understand that change cannot happen overnight. So in the meantime, they'll keep doing their part along the bayou by cleaning up as much as they can, one bag at a time.
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