How you can stay safe in the age of social media

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Kim Kardashian West's reported robbery at gun in Paris has inspired a lot of questions. However, the one that may loom larger than the rest: what role did social media play in the incident?

According to global security expert, Jim Conway, there are consequences for documenting your life on social media.

"I think there are huge risks here and people don't realize that by opening themselves up the bad guys out there are trolling social media," said Conway.

Kardashian West documented her entire Paris Fashion Week experience on multiple platforms and even asked her followers, "Can you guys guess where I'm at?"
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The alleged robbery happened just days after Kardashian West posted a massive diamond ring on Instagram.

However, Conway said the risks linked to social media are not just limited to celebrities and everyone is potentially vulnerable. Social Media expert, Kristy Gillentine with Drive West Communications said regular people often do the same thing as Kardashian West without thinking about it twice.
"Even for those of us that are not in the public eye we still need to take precautions," said Gillentine.

Gillentine said we need to know our settings for every platform and control who can see your posts or share them.

"Make sure that you think before you post," said Gillentine.

Eyewitness News viewer, Megan Muroa agrees.

"Why would you put yourself out there? You're basically setting yourself up," said Muroa.

Conway said that also means don't post big ticket items and rule number one: don't let anyone know when you are on vacation or away from home.
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