Indoor wheelchair soccer games held in Houston area

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Monday, November 30, 2015
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Kids in wheelchair enjoy game of soccer

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Many people enjoy playing sports. But for those with physical disabilities, finding a sport to participate in can be difficult.

Now a new program in our area aims to give those in motorized wheelchairs the full athletic experience.

"I like that it's a really fast paced game and that it's really competitive because that doesn't happen for me often," said soccer player Allie Funk.

Power Soccer is a competitive and recreational soccer played from power wheelchairs.

"The sports I played before, they were kind of like everybody wins -- there was no competition. And that's kind of what makes it fun because you want to be better," said Funk.

"This is the only sport in a power chair where you can have a full athletic experience," said Houston Fireballs program manager Diane Murrell.

The game is played on a regulation basketball court. The goal of this team, the Houston Fireballs, is to have teams across the area. A new one is launching in Pearland.

"You have to get used to how the other players speeds are so you can predict it," said soccer player Kirsten Passmore.

Kirsten loves the game and her dad is proud to see her play.

"When you're in a wheelchair it's kind of hard to find other kids that play at the things you can play at, so one of the biggest things we noticed is the comradery and the friendships," said soccer dad Brett Passmore.

"You just get to be with friends, and play, and be with other people like you," said soccer player Natalie.