Blackface Snapchat videos prompt school investigation into students in Michigan

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan -- School district leaders are investigating racist Snapchat videos by students in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In the videos, high school students are shown wearing blackface and using racial slurs.

A student brought the videos to the attention of school district officials on Tuesday. He said he found the videos on an acquaintance's Snapchat story over the weekend.

In the first video, a girl says, "I'm white, but over here we have a f***ing n-word." She then pans to another girl in blackface, who says, "I knew I was 25 percent black."

The second video shows a boy in blackface with the text, "I have spotted a n-word." The student who saved and reported the video commented "WTF I don't wanna see [sic] s**t." The student who posted replied, "It was a joke. If you don't like it, delete me."

Officials released a statement calling the incident racially insensitive. They launched an investigation.