Shoppers shrink back in fear as snake found sneaking into Memorial City Mall

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A slithering trespasser was caught Thursday evening just feet away from The Square at Memorial City Mall.

Witnesses say the snake fell through a hole in the roof near the sliding glass doors.

The incident happened in the middle of a circus performance that is held here at the mall each Thursday, but it wasn't part of the act.

A woman said her sister was the one who discovered the snake when she was mere inches away from stepping on it.

Guillermina Rodriguez recorded video as the ordeal unfolded near The Square.

"I think it was a plastic one, someone threw it on the floor to scare people or something - and when I told her 'no, it's a real snake,'" Rodriguez said. "It looked like a python. That's what people were saying, but I'm not sure what kind of snake it was. And then, you know - once the security came and the crew from the mall came, they put it in a plastic bag and took it away."

FULL VIDEO: How bystanders finally caught the snake
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Raw video shows a group of people at Memorial City Mall working to trap a snake after it was found slithering through the glass doors.

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