New 'slow dating' movement to combat swiping fatigue

Dating can be stressful, especially when you use apps that reveal an overwhelmingly amount of potential matches.

A new, more time-efficient trend called 'slow dating' helps you avoid swiping, scrolling and flipping through dozens of profiles and pictures. This movement pushes quality over quantity so that users may view dating in a more meaningful approach.

Apps that cater to slow dating include: "Appetence," or "Once," which offers singles only one match a day.

Apps like "Piña Colada", on the other hand, focus specifically on local dating groups and curated meet-ups, giving like-minded singles the opportunity to go out to dinner.

To make matters even more sophisticated, "The League" app verifies dater identities through user LinkedIn profiles.

"When we have a vast array of choices, our senses get overwhelmed and we tend to see more superficial qualities," said Dr. Carly Manly, clinical psychologist.

Clients tell her they're liking the change of speed.

"It was nice to know that these three to five people I was shown each evening were tailored to me as a person," said Emily Stern about using slow dating apps.

One dating experiment even found that online daters who chose from a large set of potential partners were less satisfied with their choice than those who selected from a smaller set.
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