Priceless photos of Houston's rise over the years saved twice

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Take a walk through the halls of Sloane Gallery, and instantly, you're transported back to a time when Houston was a boom town.

Oil was pumping money into the city and record-setting skyscrapers transformed downtown Houston. It was the city of opportunity.

"In east Texas, we had one of the largest reservoirs of crude oil in the United States," explained Story Sloane, the owner of Sloane Gallery. "So that's why people flocked here. That's why they were building refineries here because it was close to the source."

Through the treasure trove of black and white photos, Sloan Gallery offers a glimpse at Houston's ever-changing landscape through the years.

But these priceless images were almost lost forever, recovered once in all places at a recycling center.

In the video above, you'll meet Story Sloane and the legacy that stood with his father and these priceless photographs.
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