Skeletal remains found in a garbage pit may be the body of one of two missing teens

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Remains found in garbage pit may be missing teens (KTRK)

Authorities in Midland say skeletal remains found in a garbage pit may be the body of one of two teens missing since 2015.

Pile after pile, excavating machines took turns digging their way through a trash pit, as the investigation continues at a tree farm lot in Midland County.

As each load was pulled up, crews sifted through the dirt, looking for a second body.

Officials have said the search is motivated by the investigation's possible links to a missing persons case from October 2015, when two teens went missing from a trailer park in Midland.

But with every passing hour uncertainty continues to grow, Sheriff Gary Painter told KWES-TV, "There's no definite proof of who it is, especially with us not finding the second body, that puts this one into question to who it is, until we get DNA confirmation."

The human remains are now in Tarrant County for an autopsy, which will hopefully shed light on who that person was and what happened to them.
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