Pasadena middle school students lobbying for sidewalks fuel debate over $4.2M land deal

Should the City of Pasadena install a sidewalk on Magnolia Road near Keller Middle School? A group of fifth and sixth graders say it's not safe for students to walk in the road and have lobbied the Pasadena City Council to install a sidewalk for months.

Their concerns recently added fuel to the fire for a group of council members who opposed spending $4.2 million to purchase land adjacent to the Pasadena Convention Center.

"We have an issue that is not safe and we need your help to fix it," students from a group of fifth and sixth graders said at a council meeting held Tuesday (Nov. 2). "Many of our classmates and their young siblings walk unsupervised to and from school every day down Magnolia Street. Some are as young as four-years-old."

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