People claiming to sell employee uniforms to bypass Black Friday lines

They brought tents and warm attire.

"We've been sleeping in a tent all night," said Antonio Lara, a black Friday shopper.

The Best Buy campsite was all about getting bargains. Some had been toughing it out in the elements for day.

"It's pretty cold out here, pretty rocky surface," said Jesus Zamora.

But others are offering a way to skip the line at stores by posing as employees. A check of Twitter and social media shows people selling Walmart employee vest and Best Buy employee shirts promising an easy in and a way to bypass the line. Someone was offering $110 for Best Buy employee shirts, while someone else was offering $50 for a Walmart employee vest.

The people who have been camping out were not happy to hear about that.

"They want a TV like us, spend the night like us. End of story," said shopper Kris Martinez.

"That's wrong. I mean you can't do that," said shopper Antonio Lara.

You really can't, at least according to Jesus Zamora.
He said he knows that first-hand because while he camped out at Best Buy, he works at Sam's Club, a big black Friday retailer.

"If I sell somebody my vest, it's not really going to work cause we kind of know each other, like who comes in through the door and everything like that," said Jesus Zamora.

Plus, Zamora said it's ethically not the right thing to do and trying to save or make money could end up costing you, as an employee, a lot more.

"It's like $50 over like your whole paycheck that you have in your future, you have bills," said Zamora.

"You're risking that for $50. It's just not worth it at all."

13 Eyewitness News talked to Best Buy. They said the general manager would recognize right away if someone didn't work in the store even if they were wearing the shirt.

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