'A bride's worst nightmare': Woman says she was misled by online bridal shop, can't get refund

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For most people, getting married is a life-long dream filled with fairytale details.

One local bride-to-be says instead, she's dealing with a bridesmaid dress nightmare- with only a month to spare until the wedding.

Ragenia Hayes claims she didn't get what she paid for, and feels misled by the bridal shop and the manufacturer.

The bridal shop said despite Hayes' dissatisfaction, she can't get her money back.

Parvani Vida has strict policies in place that say items are not refundable, and all sales are final.

Each customer has to sign on the dotted line with that understanding.

Ragenia Hayes says the problem is -- what she ordered online and waited months for, is not what she got.

"In my opinion, it's not a good quality. The satin should be a little thicker and a little more elegant than the thin, lightweight polyester," Hayes said.

Hayes ordered online through Parvani Vida on Highway 6.

Although they no longer sell bridesmaid dresses, they're still a retailer for Christina Wu's line, who makes the $230 gown.

Hayes says the situation is "pretty much a bride's worst nightmare."

Hayes admits and her bridesmaids didn't try on the actual dress, but assumed she'd be getting something closely accurate to the description.

The Parvani Vida consultant who helped Hayes says she understands how she could be frustrated.

There's no clarification or mention on Christina Wu's site that the dresses are a satin blend or a different variation of satin.

"When I looked at it, it does say satin on it on the website, and it doesn't say a satin blend or anything," the consultant said. "I said 'well okay, let's try to come in and see if we can do something on our end,' because we of course want our brides to be happy."

According to records from the Better Business Bureau, the company only had one complaint in 2008, which was resolved.

Even if it's just a misunderstanding with the manufacturer, Hayes hopes the wedding she dreamed of, can be just that, and encourages others to be mindful of online buys for such important occasions.

"Hopefully, something will be done about this. If not a refund, if I can just get something of better quality for my bridesmaids. If not, I hope this will be a learning experience for future brides-to-be," Hayes said.
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