Which beauty box subscriptions really deliver?

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How nice to come home and find a pretty package full of goodies just for you! (KTRK)

How nice to come home and find a pretty package full of goodies just for you!

That's the appeal of beauty box subscription services, which deliver samples of makeup and skin-care products every month. Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine checked to see just what you get when you sign up.

Consumer Reports ShopSmart signed up for eight services and received Packages ranging from eco-friendly to pretty color-coordinated boxes.

"In many cases we took a short quiz so they could tailor the products for us. We answered questions to point to classic, rather than a trendy style," said ShopSmart editor Jody Rohlena.

The services cost between $10 and $25 a month and contain about four to six samples per box of everything from hairspray to nail polish to beauty tools.

"The best ones are a great way to try new products. But in our informal tryout, we found that some give you a lot more for your money than others," Rohlena said.

Beauty Army, for example, costs $12 a month, but ShopSmart got mostly tiny samples, the kind you might get free in a department store.

Others gave more beauty bang for the buck. At just $10, Birchbox delivered generous sample sizes, perfect for taking on a trip.

GlossyBox was the hands-down favorite. It promises five luxury beauty products each month for $21.

"GlossyBox really delivered. The box was beautiful, and so were the products inside. They were full sizes in colors we actually would use. A real value for the money," said Rohlena.

With GlossyBox and most of the other beauty box services, you can stop getting them whenever you want. However, you often get a discount if you sign up for several months at time.

If you are looking for less expensive beauty boxes, the discount stores have their own versions.

Target has a beauty box that is released online every season. The box costs $7 and is a one-time purchase, not a subscription. But you need to be in the know because they sell out fast.

Not to be outdone, the best price we found was at Walmart. The retail giant has its own version of a beauty box you can sign up for via subscription. The $5 box is filled with samples that arrive once each quarter.

Beauty Box Subscriptions:

GlossyBox - $21 month to month, $126 for six months, $220 for 12 months

Birchbox - $10 month to month, $110 yearly

Ipsy - $10 per month

Goodebox - $19 month to month, $54 for three months, $102 for six months

Allure Sample Society - $15 per month

Julep Maven - $25 month to month, $20 per month for three months

Blissmo - $20 month to month plus $5 shipping, shipping is free if you sign up for six months

Beauty Army - $12 month to month, plus $3 for shipping; $132 for 12 months, with free shipping and one free month

Target - $7 per box

Walmart - $5 per month
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