What to buy and skip in February

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- February has one of the biggest retail holidays of the year, and this month the savings are everywhere.

The month of love sees deep discounts on chocolate, flowers, and jewelry, but the savings don't stop there.

February is also the time to hit the malls or jump online for department store deals on apparel. Old Navy has up to 75 percent off. At JC Penney stores and online, hit the Red Zone clearance for savings of 50 to 75 percent off items for your home, handbags, and clothes. Even today's Digital Deal of the Day had a Ralph Lauren sale with 75 percent off children's clothes.

Just because the big game is over, don't feel like you missed out on the big screen savings. Stores like Best Buy and Sears will have items marked down in anticipation for new models coming out. Best Buy currently has selected HDTVs for 25 percent off and free shipping when purchased online. Sears has marked down name brands, such as Sony, Samsung, and Sharp.

Don't forget the super stores like Walmart where the prices keep rolling back. Just because Houston does not have a Kmart, doesn't mean you can't take advantage of their savings. If you don't spend enough online for free shipping, you can always pick up items at local Sears stores to avoid shipping costs.

Here in Houston, Sun and Ski Sports' sale will last all month long. Winter sports gear, including skis and snowboards, will be discounted and early spring savings are set to begin later this month. Their Biggest Bike Sale event will be held Feb. 19-23.

"February is kind of like the kick off for the whole season," Sun and Ski Sports salesman Joseph said. "We'll have bikes up to 50 percent off, and we'll have those extremely marked down so you will be able to get some wonderful deals at
an actual bike shop, not a department store."

With all of this month's sales, there are some things to steer clear of in February. The new models for Android and Windows smart phones come out in the spring, so hold off on purchasing a new one. Also, avoid buying a new digital camera. There will be many more digital camera deals in the spring.

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