Vintage shoppers: 5 tips to dress in style

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We've all seen women draped in vintage clothing looking absolutely spectacular, and if you're like me, you're a bit intimidated of creating the look yourself! So, I met up with Vintage Enthusiast and Author of Born Again Vintage Bridget Artise for her shopping tips for vintage newbies.

First, if you're going to go vintage shopping, go solo, have time and don't rush. It can be a tedious process so if you only have 30 mins or an hour AND you have a friend who's ready to leave, so you don't want to become overwhelmed or flustered.

Next, ignore the sizes. Vintage size versus today's sizes are off, so don't ignore a fabulous piece just because the size label isn't your own. Instead, plan to try everything on.

Third, check all fasteners and buttons. Often, vintage buttons are elaborately-made and many people take them off before donating the item. So, make sure all closures are there or that you have a backup plan if they aren't.

Then, hold the garment up to the light and even turn it inside out. You're looking for any pulls, holes, or tears that can't be fixed with a sewing machine.

Finally, smell the garment! Vintage perfume and scents are sometimes as long-lasting as the garment! The last thing you want is to find an amazing piece and can't remove the smell, no matter how many times you wash or dry clean it.

Happy Shopping!

A special thanks to The Cottage Shop for The Women's Home for letting us shoot at their store.
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