MEN'S WEEK: Buying new briefs at an affordable price

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Get rid of the old, stained and holey.

Patricia Lopez starts the Men's Week series about undergarments.

For quality and price, we have options. But you'll need to change it up.

"As often as you get your oil changed, change out your undergarments," Men-ister of Style Alfred Green said.

Green said men should change their underwear out every three to five months.

Get rid of the old undergarments with pit stains, rips and holes.

"It's like a rite of passage, you don't pass through manhood without some underwear with holes in it," Green said.

For budget buys, check out the These are wholesale prices with Hanes, white T-shirts at $2.19 each. Hanes boxer briefs are $2.29 a piece.

People have to buy by the dozen on the Adair Group website. For example, the price for a dozen boxer briefs are $27.48. Compare that with what you can find on with a five-pack of Hanes boxer briefs at $19.99.

If you'd like to spend a little more, check out a site called It's known for its design, premium fabrics and simple shopping.

Green said he likes the cotton, lycra blend options for under shirts.

"That will give your more support. It will also keep the shirt from rising up," Green said.

The boxer briefs have no-roll waistbands, stay put legs and mesh cool zones, but it's pricey. A pair of jersey fabric boxer briefs will cost you $24 a pair.

If you want to save big on designer brands, browse on It has some name brand options at a discount price. We found boxer briefs for 70 percent off in the clearance section.
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