Shopper says Albertson's cashier was rude to WIC customer

An Albertson's shopper says she tried to help a woman short on money pay for her groceries, but she claims the cashier wouldn't allow it, KOIN-TV reports.

Her complaint is now going viral on Facebook.

"No" is the answer Jacki Carroll says she got from an Albertson's cashier when she tried to help another shopper.

"I was just in awe that she would even say stuff like that," Carroll said. "There was a lady in front of me, a black woman, paying for groceries."

Jacki says the woman was using WIC coupons for basic necessities, like fruit and vegetables.

The federal assistance program is for low income pregnant women, women who are breast feeding and children under the age of five.

Carroll says the woman came up short by about $12.

"This cashier woman was just being really rude to the woman, so I just piped up and said 'I'll pay' and she said 'no' very abruptly. I mean she raised her voice and said 'no.'"

Jacki says the woman just gave up, took what groceries she could and left.

"And when I got up I said, 'Well, were you trying to protect me from someone who is maybe a usual customer who abuses the system?' She goes 'No, she gets a free handout. She gets her groceries for free. She doesn't need anyone else supporting her.' I said 'That's very judgmental of you. That's not okay. You know, you need to have more compassion for people,'" she said.

Still upset, Jacki says she later called the store manager, who promised to speak with the cashier.

"So I suggested to him maybe she needs training on customer service skills and she needs to learn compassion."

She also believes the shopper deserves an apology.

"People deserve dignity and respect and that's what we should all show each other," she said.

A spokesperson for Albertson's says they pride themselves on good customer service.

They apologized for the incident, which is still under investigation.

They're also reminding employees that every customer is a welcomed guest.
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