Save double on groceries when you shop on Wednesdays at Sprouts

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Consumer expert Chelsey Hernandez shows how to double the discounts at Sprouts. (KTRK)

Sprout's Farmer's Market is where you want to head on Wednesdays to double up on discounts for its 'Double Ad Wednesdays' promotion.

After skimming through some of the deals Katherine Whaley and I decided to grab the basics for chicken quesadillas, plus a bit more.

"Oh, strawberries! Yay, 98 cents you can't beat that, You're saving $2 on that. That's awesome."

Back on track, Katherine saw Colby Jack cheese was on sale in the ad for $3.99 a pound and chicken breasts were on sale for $1.77 a pound.

We got a lot of chicken for $6.77. Remember you can freeze it, and it's wonderful for meal prepping as well.

Tortillas weren't listed in the ad, but we still found a great deal on low-carb ones for $4.

And you know we couldn't pass up the wine -- it was on sale!

"Less than $10 a bottle. That's great!"

We finished up our shopping and our bill was less than $25 for all five items!

For even more savings at the register, download the Sprouts mobile app.

"You can go through and click the coupons you're interested in and you want to purchase. At the end, at the register you pull up your unique bar code and the savings come right off at the register," explained Cassandra Roschen, Regional Marketing Specialist.
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