Popular antique weekend adds male strippers, inviting controversy

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Organizer plans to bring male strippers to small town Texas antique fair (KTRK)

A popular Easter weekend event in a small Texas town is about to see a very big change -- strippers at antique weekend.

The bi-annual event in Round Top transforms the area into a sea of tents and antiques. In fact, it's already sold out for this year.

But one of the event's organizers thought she'd try something new and have male strippers perform in one of the tents this year. She says it would be a closed tent and only for women 21 and up. Still, some people say that's not enough.

"I see what they're saying, but then it comes back to me that that's just not really what Round Top's been about," said bed and breakfast owner Kiki Teague.

The event organizer says the show will only be at night with no alcohol and the men will not get fully nude.
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