Reinventing Retail: Nordstrom to open smaller stores with no clothes

Nordstrom plans to open more stores, just don't expect to find any clothes in them.

The company announced it's ditching the inventory in its latest store concept, Nordstrom Local. Instead, it will focus on providing experiences such as a nail salon and juice bar.

In order to get clothes, you'll have to place an order online. You can have your order shipped to a Nordstrom Local and pick it up there.

The new stores will even have a seamstress for custom tailoring and fitting rooms so you can try on your order.

Nordstrom Local isn't the size of your traditional department store, either. It's just 3,000 square feet, a layout Nordstrom says is meant to focus on making the shopping experience more service-oriented.

Nordstrom Local is also meant to compete in the age of Amazon, where customers are racking up the purchases online.

The company plans to open at least two of these new shops in Los Angeles. It may also expand into New York.

Nordstrom department stores are located in the Houston area, but there's no word whether the brand's new concept will arrive here anytime soon.
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