Get groceries delivered to your door with Instacart

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Quick and on demand personal grocery store shopping is now serving parts of Houston.

The service is called Instacart, and it recently hit the area. With the service, a personal shopper goes to the store and purchases your grocery list and delivers them to you.

Worried about having someone pick your produce? You can request the ripeness you'd like by adding a note to any item.

Right now, Whole Foods and HEB are the local stores that are working with Instacart, and more stores will be added soon.

After the shopping is done, your delivery will take place within an hour when you have 15 items or less. If you have a larger purchase, the delivery will take place within a certain window of time.

Delivery is free for your first order. After that, it's $3.99 for two hour delivery, and $5.99 for one hour if you spend $35 or more. Shoppers deliver from 9 a.m. to midnight every day.

If you become a regular Instacart user, there's a membership option that reduces the cost of delivery. With Instacart Express, all two hour and scheduled grocery deliveries over $35 are free. Instacart Express begins with a 14 day free trial. After that, it is just $99/year.

Each item is priced by Instacart and may vary from the store's price, except for alcoholic beverages. If you aren't happy with the price of something, you can touch base with the company.

Customers who have used Instacart say it saves valuable time and money.

"I think that when I use Instacart, I find that I'm much more precise about what I want. I'm less inclined to pull things off the shelves that I see. So, while that may not be great for the grocery stores, it's fantastic for us and our budget, and also just storage in the house. We have less things laying around that end up going bad eventually," said Instacart customer Heather Yanak.

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