Mice take over mall food court Chick-fil-A

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pennsylvania -- Shaniqua Canty could not believe her eyes. "It's like it was on the clock, they all came out running," says Canty.

She's talking about mice scattering under and over tables, jumping around in the King of Prussia Mall food court last Wednesday.

Canty grabbed a meal from Chick-fil-A just before closing time, 9 p.m., when she saw the rodents scurry around."One came out, one turned into three, and three turned into eight, and eight became 11! There were just so many," said Canty.

After viewing the video, King Of Prussia Mall released this statement:

"At King of Prussia Mall, we remain committed to providing a healthy and clean environment for our customers and mall employees. All restaurants and eateries are required to maintain pest control contracts, as does the mall. This covers inspection of all interior and exterior spaces of the mall, including corridors and common areas, such as the food court. Additionally, all food service businesses are inspected regularly and must meet county health code regulations to operate."

Despite the disgusting ordeal, Canty says she won't rule out returning, "I probably will (go back). I probably will. I shop, and wherever Chick-fil-A is, I'll probably be!"
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