Don't break the bank with these fun and stylish dorm room makeovers

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As the kids go back to college, there are ways to save, yet still, purchase the perfect dorm room decorations. (KTRK)

Kids are going off to college which means it's time for your dorm room makeovers! Houston Moms Blog contributor Joi Bailey Green helps us do it on a budget.

Turn your plain-jane dorm room into a home for your college teen. Green, who is sending her son off to college, shares her secrets.

First, starting with color scheme and bedding, she turns to Marshalls and HomeGoods.

"You can get a set of sheets there for $14.99. (That's) perfect for going off to college and returning home and being able to chunk them if you need to. Most dorms use a twin XL and they carry an assortment as well," Green said.

Next, dorms don't offer much space, so buy plenty of storage.

"I like to use the height of the room. So, if I can find things that store from top to bottom or under the bed that's perfect," Green said.

Green found a lot of her storage items at Home Depot and the Container Store for $40 and less.

"I like to choose things that are functional but decorative," Green said.

Green found a lamp for $12.99 from IKEA, along with plenty of desk essentials and a waste basket for just 99 cents.

"A little throw from IKEA for $2.99, a desk pad for $5.99, also from IKEA, and a magnetic board for notes and reminders," Green said.

Green also found hangers at the Dollar Store at 8 for $1 and adds that Target is another go-to for dorm room essentials.
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