Tax-free weekend mistakes to avoid while back-to-school shopping

If you plan on stocking up on school supplies and clothing for your children this tax-free weekend, you'll want to avoid the mistakes that can really cost you, such as not having a budget.

Without knowing limitations, you are sure to overspend. Set up a budget for each child and stick to it.

When it comes to school supplies, know what you are required to provide for each child's class. Most stores have a list for each school but when in doubt, check the school district's website. The lists are usually posted there for the parent's convenience.

Be prepared before you hit the malls. Download all the coupons and reward programs to your phone. They are usually free and can offer big savings.

Don't forget to ask for any promotional discounts at the register. Even if the item isn't on sale, the manager can usually provide a discount.

Finally, the best way not to overspend this weekend is to pace yourself and don't wait until the last minute.

Not only will it help you avoid the aggravations of long lines, but it will also keep you from running into the problem of sold-out items.
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