Keep your haul -- and yourself -- safe during holiday shopping

'Tis the season to shop 'til you drop! While you're making your list and checking it twice, the bad guys are shopping for victims. We teamed with security expert Bill Hogan to go over some tips and tricks to keep you safe while you hit the mall and shop.

First, don't take just any parking spot -- think strategically.

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"Even though it's daylight right now, I would be looking to park under a light, because when I come out, it's going to be dark. I want that light on my car," Hogan advised.

When you leave the store, don't walk straight to your car -- be unpredictable, and watch for suspicious activity.

"I would recommend walking up a right angle to your car. It'll give you a better view of your car. Then, approach with a rapid turn," Hogan recommended.

"General rule of thumb: One right turn is coincidence. Two right turns causes suspicion. Three right turns, they're following you," he added.

Once you get to your car, remain vigilant. As you load shopping bags and children into your vehicle, you could become distracted, leaving you vulnerable.

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If you believe you are being followed, proceed directly to a police station or a populated, busy area and contact authorities.

Finally, remember to keep all shopping bags and other valuables in your truck -- out of sight, out of mind, as the old saying goes.
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