Efrain Aguilar shot and killed during confrontation over parking spot, his family says

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- A neighborhood parking dispute turned deadly in northwest Harris County.

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Family members tell Eyewitness News that the victim is 33-year-old Efrain Aguilar.

Eyewitness News learned he lived with his brother's family at a home in the 6600 block of Highwind Bend Lane.

Detectives say there is ongoing tension on the block over street parking, but neighbors say they are still stunned it turned fatal.

"He shouldn't have done that. He could have asked nicely, 'please move your car,'" said Azalia Deleon, a neighbor.

She lives next door to the man who fired shots. She tells Eyewitness News the shooter came home Tuesday night and confronted the victim's family.

"He parked and he had a gun, so he came out of the car and went towards them. They were sitting out there, my neighbor with his brother and two or three friends and asked them to move the car," recalled Deleon.

Deleon said the family had a car blocking a small portion of the shooter's driveway.

"He wanted the car that was here to get moved, and it was here," she explained, saying while friends and family were moving cars around, an argument started in front of the shooter's door. That was where Aguilar was shot multiple times.

Deleon said the shooter has confronted her family several times also over street parking.

"He would tell me twice about that with my car. We thought it was exaggerated," said Deleon

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says they seized the small caliber handgun that was used and says the shooter is cooperating.

He is free as the district attorney decides to file charges or send this case to a grand jury.
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