Liberty County sheriff's deputies reunite with man they saved

ByVanesa Brashier, The Cleveland Advocate
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Sitting in a hospital bed at Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center, Tarkington resident James Gray is reunited with the two Liberty County sheriff's deputies.

LIBERTY COUNTY, TX -- A Tarkington man was reunited Jan. 15 with two Liberty County sheriff's deputies, Stephanie Walden and Kenneth Taylor, who are credited with saving his life. The deputies found 50-year-old Vincent Carmen Gray around 3 a.m. Jan. 12, four hours after he had walked away from a friend's house on CR 2323 in Tarkington.

Gray reportedly had been involved in a car accident in the days prior and had not sought medical attention. It is believed the car accident may have triggered a medical condition that made Gray unaware of his actions and surroundings.

Initially the call to the Liberty County Sheriff's Office to report Gray as missing came from the friend, who noticed that Gray had left their house without taking his phone, shoes, jacket or cigarettes.

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