Dog living in shelter for 5 years looking for new home

DICKINSON, TX (KTRK) -- A local shelter is hoping for a Christmas miracle for one of its dogs.

Tallulah has been in an animal shelter for more than five years, and they are hoping she can finally find a someone to give her a home.

The Forgotten Pet Advocates shared Tallulah's heartbreaking story on its Facebook page saying that the pit bull mix has waited long enough in a lonely kennel cage.

"Tallulah has never had anyone to love her and make her part of their family, yet she is one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet," the post reads.

According to the shelter, a few years ago a good Samaritan saw a man chasing Tallulah with a bat. The good Samaritan said the man wanted to get rid of her because she couldn't have any more babies for him to sell. She was allegedly being abused and used for breeding.

The good Samaritan ended up rescuing Tallulah and placed her in a boarding facility where she has been ever since.

According to Forgotten Pet Advocates, Tallulah is currently in training with Transform My Dog to help her adjust to life outside a kennel and get a long with other dogs. As of now, the organization suggests that Tallulah live in a home with no other pets, especially cats.

"She still has a good heart, and still has a good soul," Jason Vasconi said. "That's huge. Most dogs would have broken down a long time ago."

Vasconi says he will continue his training while Tallulah awaits a new home.

"She loves people," he said. "Cats? Not so much. Ideally, she would be in a single-pet home."

The Forgotten Pets group says the adoption fee is sponsored and is also offering a year's worth of vet care for Tallulah. It's a sign of how much Forgotten Pet Advocates founder Marlene Marino wants the pup to finally be in a loving home.

"Tallulah's spirit is broken. She has waited too long. She deserves a home," Marino said.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Tallulah or know someone who is, email
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