Woman on vacation attacked by shark while fishing in the Bahamas

HOLLYWOOD, Florida -- A 32-year-old Massachusetts woman is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by a shark while on vacation in the Bahamas.

Authorities say she was fishing near Treasure Cay Beach on the Abaco Islands Sunday afternoon when a black tip shark clamped down on her hands.

"It's just unfortunate. It's just one of those things where she was spearfishing and the shark came from nowhere," Chief Colin Albury told WPLG.

Officials say the woman had just speared a hogfish underwater and was swimming back to the surface when the shark attacked, shredding some of her fingers.

"A lot of people don't realize when you're spearfishing grouper, hogfish, they give off a sound when they are injured and that sound is like ringing the dinner bell for the sharks," Albury said.

Her injuries were so extensive, she had to be airlifted to Fort Lauderdale, where they worked to save her fingers.