Texas court overturns 6 online solicitation convictions in Harris, Montgomery counties

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Thursday, January 14, 2016
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AUSTIN, TX -- The top criminal court in Texas has reversed the convictions of seven men who were sentenced to prison for talking dirty to minors online.

A 2013 Texas Court Criminal Appeals decision overturned a 2005 law criminalizing sexually explicit online communication with minors. The court ruled that the law was written so broadly that it infringed on free speech rights.

Last year, lawmakers passed a new measure requiring prosecutors to prove intent to act illegally on sexually explicit communications, meaning those convicted under the old law could have their cases overturned.

The Dallas Morning News reports that five men from Harris County, one from Collin County and another from Montgomery County are among the first to see their convictions reversed.

It's unclear how many convictions could be overturned.